Life Is Like a Box of Chocolate Nissans, Sporty and Yummy

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20th century folk hero Forrest Gump laid out some serious life lessons in his perennial movie, but none so much as his “Life is like a box of chocolates” line. Some tots awesome wisdom was thrown down in that line, getting people scratching their chins and going “yeah, I never know if I’ll get that caramel cream or that flat tire on the way home from work.”

Nissan is honoring Gump’s wisdom, as well as the wisdom of mothers, this May with their new “Box of Nissans” promotion. #BoxofNissans. This new Mother’s Day event gives a lucky few mama’s boys and girls a chance to win their bestest fwiend a box of Nissan-shaped chocolates.

“Every year we see a surge of social-media love notes to honor a special woman on Mother’s Day, and Nissan is helping its fans make this year’s day even more special,” said Jeremy Tucker, Nissan, Vice President, Marketing Communications and Media. “Moms have helped many of us navigate through childhood, so we created a way for our passionate and driven fans to give something truly unique and special to their moms.”

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