Pet Safety Tips to Follow This Holiday Season


This holiday season will be filled with people and places that will get everyone in the Christmas spirit. However, there are a few members of the family that could make this Christmas less of the merry and bright variety and more of the dismal, spend all day long at the vet’s office variety. To help keep everyone safe and jolly this Christmas, your local Surprise Nissan dealer has put together some safety tips for your four-legged family members for the upcoming holiday season.

Pay Extra Attention to What You’re Decorating With

One of the true ironies of the holidays is that some of the most beautiful plants and decorations can actually be deadly to household pets. From toppling Christmas trees and poisonous mistletoe to strangling tinsel and burning candles, it might be best to find other alternatives in order to keep your pets safe. Experts recommend flameless candles and artificial plants, as well as a very secure Christmas tree base, all of which you can shop for online, while wondering why you got the little buggers in the first place.

Please Don’t Feed the Animals

This is a good rule to follow in general, but it’s especially important during the holiday season not to feed your pets table scraps. Foods like chocolate, items with a lot of fat and bones, and even alcoholic beverages can cause your pets to become ill. Also, if Santa brought your little Tobias or Buttercup some yummy treats make sure you know where they were made and what’s in them.

Secure Them While On the Road

If you’ll be traveling with your pet this winter, be sure to take all the necessary precautions like having plenty of water, food and room for them to lay down in the car. Experts also recommend that cats and dogs be secured in their carriers during the length of the journey, alleviating the chance of a cat underneath the driver’s feet or a dog barking distractingly at another car.

Keep Them Away from the Holiday Parties

While you might have a very chill pet that can stand the noise and attention of a holiday gathering, most pets tend to like a quiet space where they can feel safe and relaxed. That’s why experts suggest keeping your furry friends away from any large holiday get-togethers, letting them nap happily in the bedroom. Also, be sure to keep any medications you might have locked away where you pets can’t get to them.

Everyone at your local Nissan dealer in Surprise would like to wish all of our friends and neighbors a happy and safe holiday season. We hope all your family – the littlest and furriest among them – enjoy some wonderful family time and make terrific memories that will last all year long.