New Nissan ‘Scoot’ Cars are Super Adorkable

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This month, San Francisco just got the cutest/dorkiest new way to ride around town. Officially called the “Nissan New Mobility Concept,” this new transportation initiative has also been christened the wonderfully adorkable Scoot Quad.

“As large cities continue to grow into megacities globally, we need to understand how transportation is changing and look ahead to anticipate what transportation needs will look like in the future,” said Rachel Nguyen, executive director, Nissan Future Lab. “Scoot Networks is an ideal partner in this research project because they are fulfilling a need that has emerged in the San Francisco market, and they share a similar commitment to zero-emissions mobility.”

The perfect choice for urban drivers who want to simply “scoot” around town – while mocking their mom’s Midwestern accent of course – the Scoot Quad is a fun electric compact that has an all-electric range of 40 miles and a top speed of 25 mph. It’s the ultimate culmination of young, hipster culture, which makes San Francisco, with its vegan tendencies and silicon artistries, the ideal place to launch this new initiative.

Nissan’s partner in this enterprise is Scoot Networks, a company that already offers electric vehicles to San Franciscans who want a greener and faster way to run errands around the Bay Area. The Scoot Quad joins the current line of Scoot cars, adding a bit of Nissan magic to the electric family. All people have to do to take advantage of this terrifically geeky new transportation effort is to download the Scoot Networks app and pay according to how long you need the car.

“Scoot isn’t just for scooters,” said Michael Keating, founder and CEO, Scoot Networks. “If it’s small, electric and fun, you will be able to find it in the Scoot app and ride it all over the city. We are proud to partner with Nissan to make a new form of urban electric mobility available to our riders.”

As a leading Nissan dealer in Surprise, we have to say that we are very jealous of San Francisco’s access to the New Mobility Concept. Places like Phoenix, Surprise and Avondale would be excellent locations to try out this innovative piece of electric technology, though at 25 mph, we would suggest not taking it out on the I-10 any time soon.

For now it looks like we’ll have to simply continue to rely on the bestselling Nissan Leaf as our electric transportation of choice. Stop by our Nissan Surprise dealership today and talk to one of our expert salespeople about the 2016 Nissan Leaf and its outstanding 107-mile all-electric range.

To see more about the Scoot Quad and how you can join in this adorable revolution the next time you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, check out a video below showcasing the new program.